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Founded by a group of Pan Asian filmmakers, artists and community organizers, Cinevolution Media Arts Society is committed to bringing contemporary migrant experiences into the global conversation through film and media arts while challenging conventional definitions of identity.

Based in the Lower Mainland, Cinevolution nurtures the decentralization of art while forging new connections among artists and academics to the community. Through a variety of professional and community programs, we aspire to foster media literacy, cultivate creativity, and stimulate critical discourse and new ideas.

Our vision is a diverse society where people connect across linguistic, geopolitical and cultural boundaries to explore different perspectives and realities.

Cinevolution’s operation has been supported by the City of Richmond, the City of Vancouver, the Province of BC, and the federal government of Canada. We were the recipient of the 2012 Richmond Arts Award for Artistic Innovation and among the finalists of the 2015 Richmond Arts Awards for Cultural Leadership.