Let’s Talk Art + Online Access

Let's Talk Art + Online Access

Let’s Talk Art + Online Access

Cinevolution is inviting folks with lived experience of disability to join us for small group conversations on how people who identify as deaf+hard of hearing, blind+partially sighted, and/or living with developmental disability are accessing content online. We also want to learn about your experience with existing tools and platforms. 

We are seeking folks with lived experience of disability who:

  • have some interest in the arts
  • are interested in or open to having arts experiences online

These conversations will support the development of a Pilot Accessible Online Media Art Presentation Platform to be launched in April 2021. 

We will be hosting three small group conversations. Each conversation will include 4-5 participants, and centre the experiences of:

  • Folks who are deaf and hard of hearing (ASL interpretation will be available),
  • Folks who are blind and partially sighted, or
  • Folks who are living with developmental disability.

The conversations will take place online over Zoom in late November 2020. The call will be approximately 1.5 hours long. Access support will be provided as appropriate. 

Each participant will receive an honorarium of $30 for their time.

Interested in participating? Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Iver Smith by email to the following address at iver@cinevolutionmedia.com or by phone at this number +1.778.803.7150 extension 104.